Monday, February 6, 2012

Manifesting Your Goals

The Importance of Affirmations

I was reading an article by Cathleen McCandless called Trust your Heart for Successful Manifesting the other day and while I have been practicing Feng Shui (placing items, redecorating, space clearing) for many years I do not believe I have truly sent the Universe the affirmations I intended. The following paragraph is taken from that article. If you want to read the full article go to .

“The Universe reads your FEELINGS, not your Words: The Universe does not use words to operate. It uses vibrations. In human beings, this corresponds to your feelings. This is why you can recite affirmations over and over and over again, as often as you'd like, and still not realize any of your manifesting goals. This approach by itself simply doesn't work. What you really need to do is get into the space of feeling, not thinking, feeling what you want, and trusting it is already yours. That is the true secret to manifesting, and is easier said than done. This is also one of the most important reasons so many so-called prosperity or abundance books, videos and other practices don't work, no matter how diligently the person follows their guidelines. Affirmations and words without feeling and emotions to match those words will never work and will lead you to frustration and giving up on creating the life you truly want.”

Over the past few years I have focused primarily on the wealth and relationship areas of my home and life. I also address the other gua’s but my focus is on financial security and someone to share it with. There may be things in my past that I have not let go of which are keeping me from finding the right partner or other negative thoughts keeping me from achieving my goals. After reading Cathleen’s article I am more aware that I am not sending the right affirmations. To manifest ones goal you have to believe that you deserve it.
So as Chinese New Year is in the rear view mirror and I have placed my feng shui items throughout my house and purged my clutter; this year I'll be focused on myself and affirming what I believe I deserve. It does not matter how many rose quartz stones I put in my relationship area if I don’t believe I deserve a loving relationship.

My new mantra is "I am loved, I deserve to be in a loving relationship, because I'm worth it!  How's that for telling the Universe what I deserve?

Here’s to Happy Manifesting and achieving our goals!

Chi To Go